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Forever Friends Foundation seeks to reduce the unwanted pet population through spay and neuter programs and adoption. Our foster animals receive comprehensive medical care, routine vaccines, and lots of love with the hope of finding each pet a loving forever home.  We work closely with local animal wardens to ensure that we save and rehome as many animals as possible.

Since our founding in 2003, we have rescued over four thousand abandoned and abused animals. We exist solely on donations, volunteer-ism and fund raising! Primarily we focus our efforts on homeless cats and kittens. Being a fosteronly rescue group limits our capabilities with intake.  We try and help everyone.   However – it all depends on how many animals we currently have in the system since we work from foster homes only. Our goal in the future is to have a facility with a full-time staff.

We have a tremendous following on Facebook so please feel free to reach us there.  Forever Friends Foundation Behind the Scenes and All the in Between.

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