I call Gucci Gazoo. Long story but it’s from a favorite cartoon.  He’s getting use to the name and now when you say it he looks at you.

Gazoo is a talker, a very loud talker. Every time I am in the kitchen he comes in yelling at me for wet food and treats.

He gets along well with the other 2 cats, they chase each other and play. Gazoo even has a favorite toy, it’s a ball on a circle track. He also enjoys the laser pointer and feather duster type toy.

If I approach him slowly with my hand out he will let me pet him.  I’ve been able to brush him and clip his claws on my own.  He still won’t let me pick him up, although I have when I caught him off guard.

Gazoo likes to follow us to bed at night. He waits until we are settled in then he jumps in bed too.  He sleeps at the head of the bed, usually on a pillow and by the time I wake up in the morning I’m usually without a pillow, but he’s comfy.  This hasn’t been good for my husband’s cat allergy but he like’s him a lot so he deals with it.

I’ve had a few more litter box issues with him, but they were remedied by adding additional litter boxes in the places he likes to go, even if it meant adding a box 15 feet from another box, we’re now up to 5 litter boxes in total for 3 cats.  It’s a little excessive for the size of our house, but whatever works, I guess.

I’m attaching a few pics for you. I’m sure you miss him, I know he was with you for a long time.  I just want to say thank you again, I really love him and he’s made so much progress here.

IMG-20140624-00987 IMG-20130816-00615 IMG-20140315-00810 IMG-20140603-00950

Sarah with Gucci/Gazoo