Hi –
We’re coming up on Emmett’s first “birthday” in our family and I wanted to let you know he’s doing very well.   He suddenly started to settle down about 3 months ago – I think he finally turned 3!   He’s heeling much better, and the chewing incidents are decreasing in frequency and severity.   Over the winter the lake level rose enough to put in the pontoon boat at our friend’s cabin and he LOVES being on the big boat – even better than being out fishing with Mom in the canoe.

We’ve been thinking of you with great appreciation for taking care of him last spring.    I’d say he’s a happy pooch up here in Michigan.
All the best,
Peg & Andy Zeek
PS – He still really likes that special ball.   It was worth sending it to us, and I remind him that it came from his special foster Mom when we play with it.


Peg & Andy with Emmett