Just wanted to let you know Chance is doing terrific. She tolerated the ride very well with hardly a peep. She has settled in quite nicely. Kept her in the laundry room last night because it was small and square and found her snuggled in her bed this a.m. Not a peep all night. She is eagerly exploring the house and goes at everything head on without hesitation. She has met my two Newfoundland’s (incidentally my female is named Black Rose) and they are all getting along great. My male is very intrigued by her and they seem to be hanging out quite a bit. She is now snuggled on the couch next to me quite comfy! Sooo I just wanted to ease your mind. She is a wonderful friendly cat just as you said and I think she is going to fit in great!

Thanks, Pam DiSano

Update 2/2012

Chance (or Isabelle as we named her) is great. She rules the house! She loves to chase my other cat. My male Newfoundland is always giving her a bath which she loves despite coming out soppy and full of spit. We had a party superbowl and she is so adept at everything no one new she was blind until after about an hour and a half a friend mentioned she was blind. No one could believe it! Yet a five year old was here last week and within 30 seconds she asked “why are her eyes covered?” So much for the observations of adults! She was in everyone’s lap and visiting all. She goes from the attic to the basement without a hitch, loves playing with balls with bells in them and is generally very happy. Up and down off couches, beds, etc. Really if you didn’t know it you would not know she was blind. So you can rest easy. She is doing terrific!


Pam D. with Isabelle (Chance)