My mom, Joan A, adopted George this weekend at the catathon in Cuyahoga Falls. I was smitten with him from the start, and mom was too! But what you may not know, my mother is a recent widow. It will be a year in August since her husband died. This was a MAJOR step for her. After she fell in love with George, she filled out her paperwork. Then the tears came. My mother has been so sad and lonely, she couldn’t help it! Through my own tears, I told the volunteers about the passing of my stepfather. We all were crying then. My mother is the most loving person I have ever known.

I would like to thank Linda, George’s foster mom, for her generosity of love, spirit and kindness! You were sent as an angel to mom on Saturday.

Mom and George are now best friends! I cannot do justice to how I felt, seeing my mom laugh and smile for the first time in almost a year.

Thank you for saving mom……and me!

God bless all of you for you love, hard work, and dedication!


Judy R. with George