I wanted to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying ALFRED ( formerly FURBALL) . He has adjusted beautifully to his new home and is getting along great with my 15 year old cat ZACH who is such as social cat and was in need of a companion, and now Alfred is filling the bill and seems happy as well. It’s hard to imagine that five weeks have passed since his arrival here.

I had Alfred to the Mandel Vet Hospital for a followup after a two week period following the removal of the grit that was in his right eye (photo enclosed) and Dr, Mandel said he’s doing fine and the eye continues to improve.

Alfred loves play, as you know, and keeps busy all day going to various windows to see what’s going on and waiting to play with the Cat Mezmerizer which seems to be his favorite thing. I’ve enclosed a photo with he and Zach, soon after Alfred arrived and you can see how protective Zach was of his toys. Alfred didn’t skip a beat and found leaves from plants to bat around..

I can’t feel you what a joy he’s been and I’m so grateful this worked out for everyone. Please keep up the good work and dedication of your Forever Friends Group in finding homes for deserving kitties like Alfred!

With warmest wishes, Dennis


Dennis with Alfred