This is Alyssa, the lucky girl that took home Fluffy and Dumpling (now Capone and Franky, respectively). They’ve been having plenty of fun playing tag and hide-and-seek in their new home. Yes, they actually play hide-and-seek where one will go hide under a bed or somewhere else and then the other comes to find him, they both go back out to another room, and they do the same thing again! These boys are too funny! I’m so glad we were able to keep them together because they really are a pair, and I honestly think they would be lost without each other. I attached an individual picture of both of them, one of them sleeping on the couch in the same position (one of my favorites), and another of them snuggling on the couch because it was just too funny! They’re so sweet and they love to get into things (like paper bags), especially Dumpling! They’ve really been a treat to have, and I hope you guys enjoy these pictures 🙂
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Alyssa with Capone and Franky (Fluffy and Dumpling)